On-Line Data Rooms (OverCite©)

The Internet is an obvious tool for streamlining the due diligence process. There are clear advantages to a web-based Data Room.

  • Multiple access; any number of groups of users may access the Data Room at the same time, at any time and from any place. The activities of buyer groups are independent and separate. This access, via a secure dedicated server, permits the seller to offer the target property simultaneously to all parties. No special software or 'plug-ins' are required.

  • Controlled access; the seller can monitor access to the Data Room - in terms of numbers of 'visitors', access to all or only selected information, and time.

  • Sellers may review information before opening the Data Room.

  • Buyers have the possibility to download selected information.

  • Besides Data Room material, project information can be provided like contact information, timetables etc.

  • Q&A can be handled electronically - individually for buyer groups and collectively by the seller.

The information is securely managed and accessible by authorized users from any platform, anywhere in the world. Users navigate the Data Room as they would access the Internet, but the information is secure on our server.

To access a demo Data Room press the link OverCite below.
Username and password for visitors is: guest